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School hygiene

The reputation of every school stands on many determining factors, such as learner punctuality and attendance, the standard of their education (usually determined by the quality of teaching) and most importantly - the cleanliness of the school!

If one or more of these factors fall below satisfactory standards at any time, it can be detrimental to the reputation and operation of the school.

It could even be said that much of the attendance and capability of the students rests on the hygiene (or lack of it) that they are subject to on a daily basis. Sick children are unhappy, less capable, if not actually absent students!

Classrooms and equipment need to be properly cleaned on a regular basis. Thorough cleaning and waste management prevent harmful micro-organisms from spreading around the school building, onto furniture and equipment, from which it can easily be transmitted. As students and teachers spend most of their time in an enclosed classroom space, it is more likely for airborne germs to spread, making them more prone to sickness.

We at ECA Natural Hygiene can ease the pressure on school hygiene requirements and help schools to meet the required Sanitation and Hygiene Standards with our contracted cleaning services. We pride ourselves on a thorough, reliable cleaning service which includes vacuuming, sterilising surfaces and equipment, window cleaning, polishing, washing hard floors etc.

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How does it work?

Unlike traditional chemical cleaning processes, ECA in a scientific way, mirrors the body’s natural defence mechanisms.

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