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Hospitality hygiene

The success of every hospitality venue rests on its reputation -amongst its customers and those who give stars and accolades - and meeting the stringent requirements of health and safety inspectors and other governing organisations. In an industry where food and accommodation are prevalent and bodies change places to sit at the same tables and lie on the same beds, hygiene becomes considerably more important than in most other businesses. A worm in a salad, a cockroach on the bar, or a bed so full of dust mites it sets off a major allergy for an asthma sufferer, can be incidents that destroy your reputation, or at least decrease repeat business!

Hospitality hygiene challenges

The industry faces a few unique challenges in the area of maintaining hygiene – More stringent requirements, being constantly in the public eye and being open 24/7 all make correct cleaning or ‘Hospitality hygiene’ more difficult – so what is the solution?

ECA Natural Hygiene's ‘Hospitality hygiene’ contract can assure you of all of the following:

  • We work within your requirements and unique time specifications, to do expert cleaning at times that suit your business
  • We have the knowledge, experience and attention to detail needed to carry out a job that matches the set criteria laid down by health and safety authorities
  • In an industry where first impressions are vital, we ensure spotless and totally hygienic cleaning (including thorough cleaning of mattresses and other areas where allergies or other illnesses are prevalent) to make you look good
  • We give you certificates to be given to guests to re-assure them of the total hygiene of the mattress and room
  • We work efficiently, expertly and take full accountability for all work done.

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How does it work?

Unlike traditional chemical cleaning processes, ECA in a scientific way, mirrors the body’s natural defence mechanisms.

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