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Did you know?

  • The single most prevalent allergens in South Africa are common Dust mites – to which over 10% of South Africans are highly sensitive
  • Millions of Dust mites are present in every home and particularly in beds where they feed off the dead skin shed by humans – an average mattress can double in weight from Dust mite infestation after 10 years if untreated!
  • Bacteria based, they leave their excrement in our beds, which trigger allergies – This is particularly dangerous for asthma sufferers
  • Smaller than a grain of sand and living only 80 days, the Dust mite population nevertheless is growing rapidly and just one can produce more than 1,000 allergenic particles
  • As a result of human sweat and moisture, mold and fungi also form on our beds.

The solution

At ECA Natural Hygiene we can, through natural, but highly effective cleaning services, offer a comprehensive solution to this common scourge.
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Situated in Gauteng RSA, we service domestic and industrial clients and offer bespoke services to Schools, the hospitality industry and those recuperating from post operative surgery. Visit our Services Section on each of these specialist services and our How does it work section to know more and learn how our products work. More about allergies and our types of cleaning services are found on our ‘Allergies’

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How does it work?

Unlike traditional chemical cleaning processes, ECA in a scientific way, mirrors the body’s natural defence mechanisms.

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